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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gen Z Resource?

Gen Z is a generation that doesn’t know how to find the truth, they don’t know how to disagree, they don’t understand human identity, they don’t know how to fail and they don’t know how to use the Bible as an external creed. It is very true that there are significant dangers facing Gen Z but it is not true that there is nothing that we can do about it. This resource will help you understand the lies and the challenges that Gen Z is facing while equipping you to faithfully know what the Bible says and how you can lead them through those challenges.

Why is this resource unique?

“A resource for the living room, not just the classroom” Our philosophy is if believers are going to engage through conversation they need to learn in conversation.  You will find this unique approach a central part of the learning process. 


What will I learn? 

This resource equips believers with scientific and historical evidences and along with Biblical truth to these questions:

  • Does God exist?

  • Is the Bible reliable?

  • Why does God allow evil?

  • Did Jesus rise from the dead?

How much does it cost?

Small Group Facilitator Kit: 

Trailer, 10 Videos, Leader’s Guide (pdf), Leader's Weekly Lesson Overviews (pdf), Weekly Discussion Guide (PDF). An entire church license to show all videos as often as you like in as many classes as you like. The facilitator kit does NOT printable handouts for participants.

Entire Church (best value): 

Below 100 - $59

100-249 - $79

250-500 - $109

500-999 - $149

1,000-10,000 - $249

One-time/One Class: $59

If you are a larger church looking to purchase a kit for an individual class you can purchase a one-time use license for $59.  You will receive the entire kit to be used one time, for one class.  Please renew the license if you would like to use the videos for additional classes or in church services.

Participant Book:

A full-color book full of notes, takeaways, and discussion guides. 

Individual - $8.99

Pack of 20 - $7.95 each ($159 total)

Pack of 100 - $6.99 each ($699 total)

How many times can I use the resource? 

A 2-year license allows for unlimited use within the 2-year period at a single church, after which you would simply need to purchase a new 2 year license.  A “one-time use" license is intended for a single class to use one time.

​Can we post the videos from the lessons on social media or online?

While you are welcome to show the videos over and over again in homes, in the classroom, or in church services we ask that you do not post these videos online, on social media, or include them in a live stream.  Your “entire church” license permits downloads to be viewed by your class or offline with any ministry or event at your church. 

How can I contact someone for customer support?

Please send an email to



An essential part of this learning experience:

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