We exist to equip believers to lovingly speak truth

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform believers’ ability to speak the truth in love by updating the way Christians learn, modifying the tactics Christians use, and increasing the knowledge Christians have. 
Today’s culture is dividing Christians.  The Bible calls us to be loving and our culture says, “love means you are silent about certain issues” – because of this many Christians do not speak.  On the other hand, some Christians who speak, speak without love and kindness.  God has not called us to silence, nor has he called us to unkindness. 
What is truth?

Truth is God’s reality without error revealed to man generally through creation and specifically through the Bible.   

What is love?

Love is God’s unwavering compassion demonstrated by the sacrifice of Jesus in our time of need. Love is not a boundless affirmation of a person’s lifestyle or behavior.  Scripture describes the parameters of love in I Corinthians 13 where we learn that love celebrates truth, conveys itself with qualities of selflessness, humility, and patience while never rejoicing in wrongdoing.

What is truth in love? 

The concept of truth in love flows from a deep understanding of the Biblical functions of these two words. In Ephesians 4:15 God gives the solution to a culture tossed about with every claim to truth…”speaking the truth in love”Truth and Love do not conflict or need to be “balanced” because they flow from the same divine source. Truth without love is nothing while love without truth in meaningless. The believer must understand the “what” (truth) and the “how” (love) as they speak to a culture confused about both.


What We Are Doing

The Center For Truth in Love lives its mission and philosophy out currently in three ways, television, speaking series, and digital resources. 

The Truth in Love TV show is syndicated on the Christian Television Network and also exist online for viewers around the world.   Hosted by Ben Schettler, this show provides apologetics, worldview, and cultural engagement ideas in an engaging and informative format.

Speaking Series

Under its former name, Ask or Think, The Center for Truth in Love equipped thousands of educators, parents, and students while conducting over 40 conferences across the United States for churches and other organizations. In addition to these conferences, Ben Schettler (co-founder TCFTIL) speaks at churches and keynotes at conferences throughout the United States every year.  Continuing in that mission the speaking series are live preaching and teaching events that partner with churches and other organizations to provide apologetic, worldview, and cultural engagement information.  Each speaking series is designed to challenge believers and equip them with biblical truth about a specific current topic that is being challenged by culture.

Digital Resources

We are leveraging 21st century broadcasting platforms like youtube, facebook, twitter, and instagram to equip believers.  

The Curious Conversation is a short video series that equips believers to answer specific questions like “Does God Exist? “Is the Bible Reliable?” Why Would a Loving God Allow Evil?”  It’s like a Prager U for apologetics.    


Our first small groups resource, Truth in Love was shot on location in New York City.  The resource includes 6 lessons taught in short video segments designed to facilitate conversation.  Each lesson includes multiple video segments with short teaching clips and segments from a panel of experts that end with questions for discussion.

Future Projects

We are currently working with Meridiem Films and other video creatives to produce a library of digital content.  Our vision is to have scores of small groups resources and hundreds of Curious Conversation videos that equip believers.  Each Curious Conversation video cost $1000 to write and produce.  We are praying that God would lead people to invest in this mission through a one-time gift or a monthly donation. (TCFTIL is a 501c3 tax exempt organization) You can stand with us by becoming a financial partner of TCFTIL. 


Our staff

Ben schettler

Co-Founder & President

Makenzie schettler

Co-Founder & COO

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Executive Assistant

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Partner Relations Assistant


Social Media Assistant

Rachel Stecchi

Financial Assistant

Aaron Clark

Director of Scheduling


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