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He Gets Us: Can We Confuse People into the Kingdom of God?

The #HeGetsUs and #HeGetsMe campaigns create a great deal of confusion around the Holy transforming work of Jesus.

The beauty of the gospel is not that Jesus gets us. The gospel is that in spite of our sin violating a Holy God and ruining His perfect creation, He sent His only Son to break the curse of sin.

Did Jesus teach hate?

God hates our sin. And that wrath was outpoured on Jesus instead of those who believe on Him.

When you only use a few words to describe Jesus, you leave the door wide open for people to take away whatever they want.

The key to evangelism is not being God's PR agent, the key is telling the truth about sin and our sinful condition. When people realize where they stand before God, His salvation through Jesus is the most wonderful gift that transcends our greatest imagination.

Our God is good, not because he ignores our sin or "gets" our sin. He is good because He paid the great debt we owe with the blood of Jesus.

These modern "evangelistic" tactics are dishonorable. We cannot confuse people about what God clearly teaches is sin in the hopes that this confusion will advance His Kingdom.

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