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How Should Christians Respond to the Capitol Riots? | Part 2

Part 2: A Factual Assessment of the Events

An Honest Comparison

In the case of those who believed in a fraudulent election you have some significant differences in both the scope and behavior of those who acted in violence with the BLM movement. To view society without media bias, such differences are important and necessary to consider. When you examine both scenarios here are some important distinctions:

An Overview of the Events

The voter fraud riot was a small single outburst while the racial riots were widespread multiple events that lasted for months. The streets of Washington DC were ablaze along with the streets of many other cities including Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles. Parts of Seattle were overrun and the rioters attempted to establish a government free zone. The significance and widespread effects of the devastation and destruction measures into the billions of dollars in isolated areas. Because of the lack of media reporting, it is difficult to even grasp an honest picture of the significance of the violence and destruction to private and public property. The Capitol riot lasted a short time, little damage was done, the average rioter walked around the building participating in an illegal unguided tour, and the House and Senate reconvened within a very short period of time. Sadly, in both altercations’ life was lost by law enforcement officers as well as rioters.

The Media’s Response

Racial Injustice: Not only was their silence on the part of the media regarding the evil nature of the violence being perpetrated nightly across the nation, but often voices in the media, such as CNN’s Chris Cuomo praised the attitudes that drove the violence. Most media reporting was sympathetic and even downplayed the riots. We cannot forget the ironic picture of a CNN reporter with a caption that referred to “mostly peaceful protest” as fires loomed in the background shot.

Fraudulent Election: After the riot at the Capitol building, every media outlet, every pundit, every person with a voice railed against the obscene violent acts made by the protestors. The riots were denounced with great fervor by every outlet both conservative and liberal. Unlike the racial injustice riots, no sympathy was extended to the motivations of the rioter’s ideological positions.

The Public’s Response

Racial Injustice: With some outliers, supporters of the BLM movement were either silent or sympathetic towards the riots and looting. As a rule, sympathy towards their ideology excused the looting, rioting and bad behavior.

Fraudulent Election: The vast majority of both conservatives and liberals denounced the awful behavior. Even some of the most ardent advocates against the fraud still were willing to speak about the evil of violence with zero sympathy given towards the reasoning for their behavior.

Big Tech’s Response

Racial Injustice: Big Tech made little to no effort to censor the Black Lives Matter website, the rhetorical nexus for the movement. To my knowledge little to no censorship was directed at any voice of the BLM movement in an effort to curtail the violence. Those who continually voiced their concerns about racial injustice were allowed to continue even as the looting and riots increased and their “speech” was not censored regardless of the violence being perpetrated under the banner of the ideology.

Fraudulent Election: Big Tech completely censored and silenced the sitting President of the United States. There was no continuation of the riot and no plans to continue the riot in any other place. The President at no time called anyone to act in violence and even referred to his organized protest as a peaceful gathering. Tens of thousands of accounts who stood against election fraud were deleted from twitter. People who voiced their concerns about election fraud were silenced and even held liable for the actions of others.

Politicians Response Here are various Political voices referring to the violence connected to their political positions:

On the violence done in the name of racial injustice: Nancy Pelosi: “I just don’t know why there are not uprisings all over this country. Maybe there should be.” Kamala Harris: “Protestors should not let up.” (once again referring to the violence) Maxine Waters: “You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.” On the violence done in the name of a fraudulent election: Matt Goetz: “I know there are many countries where political violence may be necessary but America is not one such country. Now, we should seek to build America up, not tear her down and destroy her.”

Ted Cruz: "We saw a terrorist attack on the United States Capitol, it was despicable, it was an assault. And every one of those violent criminals who attacked the Capitol, they should be fully prosecuted. And they should spend a long, long time in jail. It was really a sad day for the country…”


A massive inconsistency has occurred in our nation. It is unfair and unwise to denounce the rioting that occurred at the Capitol without denouncing the far more dangerous and consequential effects of the rioting and looting that occurred during the fervor of the BLM protests. We have seen significant hypocrisy in the media coverage of both events. Such hypocrisy is shaping an untrue narrative about violence and those responsible for using it as a means to further their agenda.

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