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Five reasons Christians should never forget the 9/11 Attacks

1. We cannot forget...Ideas have consequences. While many Muslims choose to reject the teachings of the Quran when it speaks about jihad, others do not. 9/11 reminds us that if we trade hate for our neighbor instead of love the consequences are unimaginably terrible.

2. We cannot forget...We need prayer. For a moment we all stopped and prayed. Unfortunately too soon after tragedy we forget the one who created us and sustains us. Pray today. Thank God for his blessings.

3. We cannot forget...America is worth loving. The days following the attack were some of the most patriotic days of my life. America is not without faults. However it is typically a place of peace and prosperity. No matter our political affiliation we need to be reminded of the country God has called us to and how special it truly is.

4. We cannot forget...We are not untouchable. While our military is strong, the kingdom of America, as with all kingdoms of earth, will one day pass. If we place our hope only in America, we have made a great error. There is a perfect Kingdom that will be established one day by a perfect King!

5. We cannot give the gospel. 18 years ago thousands of people: airline passengers, business people, police and firefighters woke up went to work not expecting to face eternity. What would you have said to them if you knew this was going to be their last day? Every person you meet will have a "last day." As a Christian God has called me to lovingly speak the truth to every person I can. The gospel has the power to break the chains of sin in this life and prepare us for the next! Let us share the truth in love and never forget!

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